epilepsy in sleep

I wonder if I am having seizures in my sleep..
I get different answers from various doctors. I would appreciate feedback.


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In my opinion, if after you wake up and go about your day, if your toung feels sore like you bit the tip, or the inside of your mouth feels the same way I would say you have. Just thought I would say my 2 cents worth cause I remember wondering the same thing years ago and not being able to get a straight answer. It seemed like the doctors/specialist didnt want to answer a simple question unless they were 100% sure of the answer. It was like they were leaving the door open for blozable deniability or something. Or they would answer questions with questions of their own.

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Thank you so much for your response.

Yes, your description is a lot like mine. I also experience confusion and symptoms similar to an aura/or feelings after I had a seizure.
So true my neurologist would either deny of give a noncommittal response to my question.
It is so frustrating when I talk with him about it - feel like its all in my head. At least that's how he makes me feel.
Do you know of others who have similar symptoms or questions.

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Hello. I have grand mal seizures in my sleep. Here are the symptoms I have after I have a seizure while sleeping and I wake up later. I have a bad headache and feel nauseated. The right side of my tongue is bitten. I have peed my pants. My legs are sore and many times when I wake up I am confused for a few minutes. I know something happened but I am not sure what it was then I realize I had a seizure.

Do you have any of those symptoms? If you do, then you more than likely had a seizure while sleeping. If not, then I don't know.

When I first started having seizures in my sleep, and I did not know I was having seizures, I would wake up the next morning with the right side of my tongue bitten and I peed my pants. I told my boyfriend and he thought I had a dream and I bit my tongue and peed my pants. That happened about 2 times. I did not know I was having seizures.

Then I would wake other times and my legs were weak. I also felt really tired the next day like I got no sleep even though I went to bed at a reasonable time.

Another time, I was at work and suddenly my vision went dim and my hearing went dim. I felt weird. I was having an aura but did not know what it was because I did not know I was having seizures in my sleep.

Then one morning I was sleeping on the couch and my boyfriend heard a strange noise (I cried out like people do when they have a grand mal seizure), and said, "Babe did you hear that?" He looked at me and saw I was having a seizure in my sleep.

I was taken to the hospital and they said I had a seizure and sent me home. 2 months later I had 2 seizures 2 hours apart. Went to the hospital again, give liquid anti seizure med intravenously, and told to follow up with my regular dr. 

Later we went to the dr. and told him about me having seizures in my sleep. My boyfriend told him about when he wakes up cuz the bed is shaking from my seizure and he turns on the light and sees my face and lips are blue and I am not breathing, the dr. said I was having grand mal seizures. He gives a prescription for Dilantin 100 mg 2xaday.  And says I have a seizure disorder.

But many times when someone thinks they are having seizures caused by epilepsy, they are not having real seizures but non-epileptic seizures. Those are seizures caused by emotional trauma like childhood sexual abuse. The seizures look like real epileptic seizures but they are not. During these seizures the person has their eyes tightly closed, they shake their head from side to side, they do bicycle riding movements with their legs. They bite the tip of their tongue, not the side or cheek. When someone has a grand mal seizure, their whole body is rigid. Their eyes are open or blinking rapidly. After the seizures, they are confused and really tired and just want to sleep. They have bitten the side of their tongue or their cheek. After all my seizures I have during sleep, I am confused when I first come out of the seizure and I just want to sleep. My boyfriend says during the seizure, my whole body is rigid like a stiff board and he can pick up my leg and it is stiff. My eyes are open and blinking rapidly during the seizure he says. I have bitten the right side of my tongue.

So you need to have someone see you having a seizure and note the symptoms you have during the seizure, eyes open or closed, not breathing and face and lips turning blue. Are you confused after seizure. Then tell the dr. those symptoms and then they can determine what seizure type you are having.

All the seizures there are, they each have different symptoms and characteristics. Well hope this helped you. Take care.


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I don't have seizures in my sleep I don't know how old you are or when this first started happening in your live  but your boyfriend should sit up a couple of nights and monitor you.. but it sounds like a seizure to me ....does he spend the night ...? if he does he should have notice you moving around unless he sleeps like a rock...the funny thing about seizures you cant clock them because they come when they get ready....

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When I was in infant my parents would notice my right arm shaking when I slept so that's when I first got put on AEDs.

I almost always have my seizures in my sleep. They have been different depending on what type of medicine I've been on. I have complex partials generally, mostly lip smacking seizures. My old college roommate used to think I was dreaming about my girlfriend in my sleep. When he realized I was having all those seizures he felt terrible.

Sometimes my wife will catch me at night when I am seizing. Sometimes I can tell I had a seizure because I will wake up and it will feel like my lips are puckered and more sensitive than usual. The lip smacking used to be followed by teeth grinding, but I don't seem to do that anymore since I switched meds. Sometimes the seizures will generalize to my right side and I will stiffen up and feel very tired the next day. I very rarely will bite my tongue, but it hardly ever happens. I haven't had one generalize into a grand mal in many years, probably due to the meds keeping them from spreading.