Adult onset Epilepsy

I'm 34 yrs old and had my first seizure two months ago. I had a Gran Mal seizure in my kitchen and don't remember anything until paramedics were standing over me and I was covered in blood from hitting my chin on the tile floor. I'm not sure, but I think I was having seizures before this one.  There have been three times when I thought I must have fallen asleep in my car in a parking lot, but I'm starting to wonder if I was really having seizures.  I would like to know if anyone had experiences like this before their first known seizure? One time I dropped my son off at preschool and drove to the store and the next thing I know someone was knocking on my car window asking if I was ok.  My wife had called several times looking for me and I had no idea that several hours had passed and it was time to pick my son up from school again. There were two other similar instances.  I just thought I must be more tired than I realized.  People think I'm a drug addict because I have done this like three times and I have gotten in trouble at work. 

 I'm currently on accommodation due to driving restrictions following my seizure and was at work.  I got a formal letter of reprimand saying that I had been sleeping while work twice in one day.  I had no idea what they were talking about.  I don't remember falling asleep or waking up all day....I just remember feeling a confused in the morning and another time during the day, I was praying and someone firmly tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I was ok.  I told them that I was fine, just praying.  To me it seemed like it had been seconds, but apparently much more time had passed.  I found out that people took pictures and stuck fingers in my ear and I'm not sure what else they may have done.  Has anyone had any experiences like this?


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I had my apparently first seizure 3 years ago, age 41.  I can definitely trace back to incidents that might have been mild absence seizures or complex partial seizures before then, however.  Many times I would suddenly drift and not be paying attention during conversations, and it would come across to others like I was fully engrossed in a daydream, but I had no associated thoughts during these brief "daydreams".  All of the sudden someone would be doing that embarassing hand-waving thing people do, like "duh, are you in there?!"  So, not exactly like your situation but maybe a little.

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Its time to see a neurologist and have some tests. Even if the tests come clean w/ nothing wrong, it still doesn't mean you don't have epilepsy. I'm only another patient; not a medical professional. However, from this information, its highly likely these could have been seizures. Your neurologist can prescribe some anti-seizure medication that could control them. If they are controlled, all you'll need to do is wait out the required period for your state, and you could get your license back. Life could be as easy as remembering to take some pills a few times a day, and that's it. (I remember those days!) Its normal to have amnesia of seizures. Afterwards, its normal to have post-ictal confusion. That's the time after you wake up, until you realize something happened. We all experience this after our seizures. If you are diagnosed, your company owes you an apology.

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I saw a neurologist after the Gran Mal seizure and had an EEG that didn't show anything. The neurologist said that it's like fishing; you can't fish for 30 minutes, not catch anything and say there are no fish in the pond. when I went for the follow up visit and told him about what happened at work he scheduled me to see an epilepsy specialist and have a long range EEG with video done. 

 I have been having a lot of trouble sense January.  I was positive that I saw someone stealing the patio furniture off the back patio of my house, but when I ran out there ready to kick some one was there and the patio furniture wasn't moved. I also see what looks like gold streaks run across my vision sometimes.

I have been feeling nauseous so much that I have had a prescription for nausea every month sense January.  I thought that my immune system must be shot because it seemed like I was getting sick all of the time with nausea, diarreah and light headedness.  I thought I just had a stomach virus, but the nausea is fairly frequent.

 I have been being treated for panic attacks for two years now.  I feel severe sudden anxiety and start sweating, my heart rate increases and my blood pressure is on the high when this happens.

I hear things sometimes too.  It sounds like people talking on the radio, but there is no radio on and I can't really make out the words.  I heard a man's voice say my wife's name, but she wasn't home and no one else was there.

I have lots of jerking. My legs jerk a lot and eventually leads to full body jerks every 10-20 minutes for a while and then it stops.

My wife said that my eyes were rolling back in my head and then it would look like I fell asleep for about a minute in bed this morning.  She said that she was talking to me and asking me questions and I would respond to with a Hmmmm...and then my eyes would shake to the left and I would fall asleep again and open my eyes again.  I don't remember any of this. 

I feel completely crazy and scared to death of not getting any better and loosing my job on top of everything else.

I feel completely violated and afraid of having another seizure at work and no one calling for help or doing things to me and laughing while I'm having a seizure or whatever is going on with me.

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Have you seen the epileptologist yet? This sounds serious, and no! You're not going crazy. An epileptologist is a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. I see one at my local medical university hospital. If you can't find one, scroll up to the top of this screen. Click on "Find a Doctor". Believe me, epileptologists know a LOT more about epilepsy than most neurologists. Good luck! T

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Thank you all for your support and suggestions.  My neurologist is trying to get me into the epilepsy specialist as soon as possible.  The neurologist said that there was no medical reason to keep me from going to work on desk duty.  He said that the worst that could happen would be that I would fall out of my chair. 

I'm scared to go back to work where they did things to me while I was not responsive.  I went to a therapist today hoping that they would give me leave from work to deal with my anxiety and fear.  The therapist was much more responsive and suggested that I go to my primary care physician and tell him that I am receiving counseling for what happened to me at work and suggests that I be off work until I have gone through the epilepsy testing. 

My work is trying to fire me and are doing a ton of inappropriate things.

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You have the ADA on your side when it comes to that. (Americans with Disabilities Act). It was designed by Tony Coehlo, who has epilepsy and had this same experience. Your employer's behavior is already extremely illegal. Don't tolerate it. Remind your H.R. Dept. that this is a violation of the ADA. They might change their behavior. If they don't, you've got yourself a lawsuit. Bless you. T

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i had my first seizure when i turned 48 i think... and i wrecked me f350 dually in someones yard ... i went to kaiser and they got it under control with tegretol and yes there is no time laspe when you are out. people can do what ever they want and you will not know it..sorry you were around those kind of people... and yes you will feel very weird afterwards maybe for a couple of days or more... just take your meds and stay away from stress..get a good night sleep every day...

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From what you have described you are clearly having seizures and having hallucinations as well. This could be from TLE or a separate medical condition like schizophrenia or bipolar. If you have TLE a seizure med that controls your seizures in theory should eliminate the hallucinations, but you may need an antipsychotic and to see a psychiatrist as well. I've had similar symptoms and found an antipsychotic I could tolerate and my thinking is MUCH clearer now without all the hallucinations.

I feel bad for you. I've been fired from two jobs due to seizures. Once because I supposedly had a seizure at work and another time because I was having so many seizures at night I couldn't even do my desk job. Good luck suing, they'll just say you were falling asleep at work and not doing your job. When I tried to take action against the first employer they just said I was a lazy employee and that's why they fired me. They didn't even tell me, the just took me off the schedule. Lots of class!