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Feel when your seizures are coming on.

I am 18 years old and some times I can feel when a seizure is coming on. Can anyone else?


Hello. I am 41 years old. I am not sure I feel when a seizure is coming on, but I do have auras many times before I have a seizure. I have grand mal seizures only when I am sleeping and several times before I go to bed the thought "You're going to have a seizure tonight" pops in my head and later that night I will wake up and had a seizure while I was sleeping. I don't always have an aura before I have a seizure, but there have been at least five times that I know of in the past that an aura I had led to a seizure later that night while I was sleeping. Maybe you are having auras?


Yes I do. Every time I have a seizure I know when it is coming. I usually feel this sudden urge of anxiety and a tingling sensation in my stomach. These type of feelings are called auras and they warn you that a seizure is about to begin. What types of auras do you have when you have a seizure? I hope this helps you. :)

Hi ChazStillFighting,

I can feel my clusters of seizures coming on.

I get vague warnings of clusters a couple days before the simple partial seizures of the cluster start.

The initial simple partial seizures of a cluster are unique enough to give a feeling of warning of near certainty hours before more intense seizures in a progressive cluster strike me. Before secondarily generalized tonic-clonic seizures became frequent during the crescendo in a cluster, decades ago, I could prevent the seizures from becoming worse by simply staying awake. But once sleep would overcome me, the seizures would always increase in intensity, further disrupting my night's sleep, and becoming worse up to a peak the following day while awake, then slowly declining in intensity and frequency into the following night and the next day.

My non-clustered seizures are usually without any warning and are mainly just simple partial seizures as aura, now most always distinct from the aura in the clusters (all of my seizures tend to disrupt my verbal behaviour hours around seizures, esp. during informal speech, noticeable to others as "strangely different" (more than two standard deviations from the general population's "normal")). A few of the seizures are, or are nearly, undetectable otherwise when I'm not speaking or attempting to speak.

I posted a response about prodromals of seizures and migraines previously:

The couple days or so of vague and somewhat unreliable clues that my fairly periodic clusters of seizures may be returning, roughly match the notion of prodromal symptoms.

Prodromals involving epilepsy are variously defined, and I prefer definitions that are applicable to migraines also, though the emotional aspects for me are different for cluster seizures versus my migraines, the time-spans of both types of prodromals average around a couple days when they are more accurate premonitions.

"Prodromes & Premonitions" should be distinguished from epileptic aura, as clarified in "Wyllie's Treatment of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice" by Wyllie, Cascino, Gidal, & Goodkin (2012), page 144 (this book gives the example of family & friends noticing the person's irritability or "a mean streak" that the person may be unaware of in their expressions):

(In my later years, ) During extended clusters of seizures, it can be difficult to place pre-ictals, ictals, and post-ictals in associated order, esp. when the ictals are strong and more quickly repeating, nearing Acute Repetitive Seizures and/or convulsive/nonconvulsive status epilepticus.


I have an aura, usually deja vu (the feeling that you have been somewhere/heard something before). I find I am not triggered by strobe lights (thankfully) but sometimes repetitive sounds can bring on a seizure (such as music with trance repetitions). I also get the thing in the stomach some people have mentioned. Its very strange because it has a comforting feeling, like a warmth spreading from the stomach up and it feels like the World has stopped. My seizures are well controlled but it's always worth keeping a diary of your mood/sleep/tiredness levels etc as this may indicate a pattern leading up to seizures. I am a single mother to a 9 year old and a 6 year old and we have a code word for when I have an aura so they know I may have a Grand Mal coming and we have a plan how to manage the situation. Hope this helps

Yes, I feel sort of "hyper tired". It is hard to explain. If its bad I might also get a myoclonic jerk. If I lie down or relax and take a couple atavan it passes after an hour or so without a seizure developing. But if I am in this state, a few things can bring me to seizure, usually if I have to concentrate or think about a problem or am answering questions.
Luckily this happens infrequently for me and I don have regular seizures, mine are also extremely predictable timing wise due to my menstrual cycle so I am extra extra careful during certain days (no alcohol, no driving, try to get enough sleep). I carry my rescue atavan 24/7 but am seizure free for 3 years now and plan to never have another tonic clinic again. Fingers crossed.

yup i feel really weird... i will be thinking of some weird looking animal that i remembered seeing .. i know it sounds silly but that is what happens to me... and then bam.. im sitting up or lying down with no time laspe but it has been awhile .. but a couple of times lately i felt one coming on but it did not kick in completly i did not pass out ..but i made sure i was sitting down... everyone has different ways of knowing when it is going to start...

are you taking meds for your seizures ???

NOTGIVINGUP yes i do i take several different kinds

NOTGIVINGUP I get to were one side of my body goes numb, then vision gets blurred ,and dizziness and then the big seizures come on.

Im 24 years old and I had seizures for a few years but never new what they were. So I did feel when they were coming on and After I told my parents what I was feeling, I began to see a Neurologist... i was on a couple of meds but None did good. So I would feel a wierd feeling in my gut and a little like nauseous. Turned out I had temporal lobe seizures and after tests, it was concluded to be right temporal lobe seizures... The option of brain surjery came up and I went with it. My surjery took place 3 weeks ago, im on my way to recovery now. It is a very slow process, can be overwhelming, very emotional and you need to be patient. The thing that mostly bothers me until now is vision part. I cant see on the upper left side from the corner of my eyes. Imsure they make you look at their nose and ask you how many fingers they are holding on the sides. Im still a little unbalanced and my eyes just feel a little dizzy when I look ahead. Its uncomfortable but its getting better.
After the surjery, i was halucinating, but it was normal, that basically went away... I dont regret having surjery, it is just hard to be patient with the recovery...
If you want to know more just ask... You are young, I regret not having had, had this treated earlier

Yes I do. I feel weak, dazed, nausea, and feel like I am just going to pass out. I have a generalized seizure disorder and I mostly have gran mal or tonic-clonic seizures. I always remember feeling the seizure coming on, but never remember what happened with the seizure.   

This has been happening all my life and the doctors never diagnosed me as having a generalized seizure disorder until I was admitted to the hospital with atrial fibulation that was triggered by the gran mal seizure. This happened to me at 40.

yes.  I generally have an aura which is a seizure in itself. However I also have complex partial seizures. I used to call them focal motor seizures. Those started with my right hand not doing what I wanted and it raising up. Once it reached shoulder lever I went into a convulsion which started on my right side but would end up in a full convulsion. They looked like grand mal seizures but were different due to the fact I was concious and could see,hear and understand what was happening I just couldn't control what was happening.  I knew that if my arm got shoulder high I was down and I tried to control the rise of my hand and in some cases I was able to do that.

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