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Trying to get pregnant with Lamictal

Hi All,


Me and my husband are trying to found a family sometime soon. I am currently taking Lamictal 200mg daily. I had absences when I was a child and later about 4-6 times total petit mal. Every time I had a petit mal it was because I wouldn't get enough sleep and after a big party where I had waaay too much alcohol. That was also back when I took Rivotril. But what is probably worth mentioning is that I never had any seizures if I took my meds and didn't drink alcohol in an excessive way. Now I almost don't drink- I drink some wine, but I don't drink too much. I was wondering if all the sudden seizures would occur if I get pregnant? I take now Lamictal for several months and have been very happy with it. My doc put me simultaniously on Folic Acid, a few months ago. I also read all your awesome reviews on it which gives me more confidence. 

Thank you fro your help and advice. 




My seizures were undiagnosed when I was pregnant the first time, so I wasn't taking any medication. Now that I know what my seizures consist of (partial seizures and absences), I know that my seizures increased in frequency A LOT. I was a total nutcase due to seizures, but I just thought it was pregnancy brain. Now, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I'm taking lamictal. I just started taking it around the time of conception, so we are still adjusting my dosage, but I've been doing well so far. My neuro said we would have to increase my lamictal a huge amount simply because pregnancy cleans it out of your system so quickly and I'll have to take a dose that a normal woman would never be close to taking later on in the pregnancy.

 I hope that helps!


I just spoke with my neuro and he was saying to stay for now on my current dosage and to increse it probably just for the time of the pregnancy. He also said that it's very important to continue taking folic acid through the entire pregnancy. So I guess I will jsut continue and once I m pregnant let him know. 


Thanks for your comment. I am looking forward to hearing futher comments formmembers:) 


I had been trying for a baby for 3 years when I took myself off Epilim. I was seizure free for 9 months and then had 2 grand mals. My Dr asked me why I had stopped it and I explained that I was trying to conceive. She recommended Lamactil as there is less of an issue with teratogenic side effects. I was happy to take this because of this. I was monitored more closely through the pregnancy (fell naturally pregnant after 6 months on Lamactil)and this was reassuring. I had extra scans to check for the traits of cleft pallet etc. My seizures remained under control. The folic acid is a must whether you are trying for a baby or not. 5mgs, rather than 5mcg as the Lamactil depletes the stores of Folic acid in the body. Good luck for your future. :)

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