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I've finally got my grandmall seizures under control last year I am 30yrs. old ive had many types of seizure since I was 9 but never had an aurea but now all of a sudden since I got my grad mal seizures under control there has been a few times were i'm aware of my surroundings my body automatically will sit itself down it feels like the whole inside of my body is shaking im actually aware of whats going on I can't hear when people are calling my name and I just stare in to space could I be having some kind of seizure it scares the hell out of me I don't know what to think


Those are a different type of seizures. They are commonly referred to as "staring seizures" or partial complex seizures. Your medication needs to be adjusted. Talk to your neuro. best wishes.

I havn't told anyone about me having this im afraid if I do tell anyone I havn't even told my family about it that if they readjust my meds I might start having the grand mal seizures again and I don't really want that I want to be able to be a normal person and be able to drive and be like a normal adult ive never had one as bad as I did that day its so frustrating I hate this stupid disease

I am sorry that you are in this predicament. I understand the frustration and your fear of new meds. The good news is that your grand mals are under control and have been for a while. You ARE a normal person, you simply suffer from a condition. Are these seizures brought by anything in particular? stress, caffeine, alcohol? i think that if you get them often you should consult your neuro, particularly if you are driving. i hope that you get better. i am sorry if i have not been of any help. all i wanted to say is that i understand and wish you the very best.

its ok not your fault ive just been on and off of so many medications in the past im sick and tired of it now that I finally have the major part of them undercontroll and the medicine was working until this started happening yes I have been under a lot of stress these past few months but they really scare me when I have them


I've had seizures for more than 20 yrs. Yes, they're a pain because I never know when one might come. My family knows. People at church know. I even tell dealers at the casino about my magnet and say what to do if I have a seizure. People close to me have to know or i feel i'm being dishonest. I haven't driven for years and try not to ask for help but if I really want to have a simi normal life I need to rely on others.  I have lost friends (some friends) who don't want to be bothered by someone with epilepsy but they must not have been true friends anyways. My husband and sons deal with this well because they love me.

I heard of a mother of a five year old son who has 2-10 seizures a DAY. I only have 3-6 a month. I can live with this.

I am blessed everyday I wake up and believe God must have a plan for me.

Take care,

here is more information on Complex Partial seizures:

I have experienced something similar.

Which medication(s) do you take? This is how is was best described to me:

Some medications work to prevent seizures but also slow them down once they are sensed in the brain. Long story short, seizure activity may have started and the medications literally makes the brain slow down all activity. It is scary to go through because you can sense that something is wrong. I have also found, these episodes last longer than the actual GM would have.

hi jennifer,

i take dilantin 350mg once a day. this has been helpful at controlling gm seziures. i've been on it 20yrs. my neurologist tried to ween me off and put me on BANZEL. This was hell. after i was up to the set dosage i started getting sick. no appetite but what i would eat, throw up, stayed in bed because of wobbliness, too scared to walk, headache,crying, lost 30lbs. family was very scared. i weened off the banzel and came back to dilantin. so far no gran mal.

i take lamital (lomotrigene) for partials. I have these 3-6 a months but can go a couple of months without one.  I also use a vns.  This is very helpful. my family and I've stopped seizures.  I'd be there watching tv and the person on the tv was talking and totally not making sence. i felt like i was about to "zone out" , used the magnet and talked myself out of going into a seizure. The implanted vns can stop the seizure or make it less intense.  I tell everyone around me about it including the casino dealer.  "Head's up, learn something new everyday".

My career as a teacher is over and i spend most of my days at home, safe. I keep busy by playing the guitar. Even teach the neighbor girls how to play. I read alot, write in journal, puzzles are fun. i like working in the backyard. Going to church to help out. Use the computer. Still would like to be more skilled in this area. Go to movies a lot with my husband. Friends and extended family have not been supportive.  and i can live with this.

Yes, seizures are scary but so many people have it worse off then me. God must have a plan for me and my situation.  I wake each morning and am grateful.


im on keppra and lamictal I havnt told anyone that im having these im not sure what to think or do what would they be considered


I have experienced something similar to that. I think you might be having a simple partial seizures. The only reason why I'm saying that is because you are remembering everything that goes on in the seizure. Your consciousness is not impaired at all.

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