Lamictal to Topamax

My doctor is recommending a switch from Lamictal XR to Topamax.  With Lamictal I have been having double vision and insomnia.  Taking 400 mg after breakfast and another 400 mg after lunch.  Double vision has become an issue with my job, causing headaches after working at the PC M- F each week, and at home.  Driving with one eye closed is not easy.

I am to discuss with his nurse tomorrow on the drug transition. 

 What should I ask about and what likely side effects of the Topamax?



Re: Lamictal to Topamax

Everyone responds differently to medication.  It is not a good idea to take the responses of the folks here and then apply what side effects they had as what will happen to you.  You're much better off going to the medications section of this site, and looking up what the side effects MIGHT be.  They are listed in terms of most common side effects and more serious side effects.  If you have other medication conditions or are on any other medications, ask the nurse how the medication is expected to affect you based on your other medical conditions and/or other medications you take.  Be sure to ask the nurse to specifically state under what circumstances you should call, how long it can expect to see an improvement, how long to wait before calling if you do not see an improvement, and when you should schedule an in-person follow-up.

Re: Lamictal to Topamax

Well, as always, talk with your doctor, but the most common side effect is loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss with Topamax. A lot of people love that as a side effect.

It can cause irritability in some people during the initial adjustment period.
In an un-diagnosed bipolar person it can cause serious emotional distress and that person should contact their doctor asap.

Also, it makes coca-cola and most sodas taste like absolute garbage. Root beer is the only soda I can drink without wincing. It can also have adverse effects on recall/memory, general cognitive function, and kidney stones if you are susceptible to that kind of thing.

Re: Lamictal to Topamax - now Kepra instead of Topamax

They have now decided Kepra will be the new drug and have set up a titration schedule to wean me off of the Lamictal and on to the Kepra over a 4 week period.