ADHD, focal epilepsy in parietal lobe, syncope, low BP

My 19 year old son has focal epilepsy in P3 area of his brain and has had only a handful of grandmal seizures throughout his life. The first one that we witnessed was around age 18. He was dx with ADHD and put on ritalin successfully through grade school and went off ADHD meds and had a lot of problems psychologically and at school, he is a very different person without them. He also has very low blood pressure and syncope. The only medication he has been able to take so far for seizures has been trileptal, and he has a lot of problems getting his salt uptake up to where it needs to be,and he also takes adderall, which has caused the least problems and actually helps his blood pressure a little by raising it some. Without it, he gets reynauds like symptoms in his hands, get really blue. Recently, he told me he can't handle taking the adderall anymore, that it only makes him feel horribly anxious and he doesn't feel it is working. Also, I think he might need an antidepressant at this stage as well. Can anyone suggest any non-stimulant meds that don't cause seizures. What combinations do you take? Does dilantin lower blood pressure, could it be a better choice? We wanted to try welbutrin for the ADHD at this stage in his life, but we heard it is a big no no for people with epilepsy. Does anyone have any kind of workable combination (can't take depakote) that doesn't lower blood pressure a ton? Is cymbalta ever used for ADHD? Sorry I have so many questions and I'd be grateful for any response you can give us. He is flunking in school due to the untreated ADHD and his self esteem is really low. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Re: ADHD, focal epilepsy in parietal lobe, syncope, low BP

Hello, my name is Mark. I was diagnosed at an early age with ADHD, and took Ritalin from the ages of 8 to 12. Around 11 years old I started experiencing frightening somatic illusions, like the sensation of objects being too far away, too close, too big, and too small all at once. It was characteristic of focal parietal lobe epilepsy, but the doctors were dismissive and diagnosed them as panic attacks. I didn't like the way Ritalin made me feel, so I opted to not take it anymore, against my parent's wishes. I did alright in school, and I haven't experienced the FPE seizures since. I am concerned that Ritalin might have triggered the neurological changes that caused what I thought were seizures.

But aside from the seizures, I have recently found a supplement that I consider my bread and butter of life - it is called Saint Johns Wort, and it increases serotonin production in the brain. I feel emotionally balanced, and when I forget to take it, my self-esteem crawls to a debilitating low. There's not a day that goes by that I don't take it now, and I feel great. Studies show that it is just as effective as Prozac, without any of the side-effects. It's all natural. If you want to stay in contact with me, my email is I would like to hear how your son is doing, and if any of my own story helps with your son's difficulties.