Doctors/ldrivers licences

Has anyone had problems with doctores always wanting see you every year for c.a.t. Scans &other test.
When you haven't had seizures in 8 years. That's the only way he will sign papers to get drivers licences.
If any body has any suggestions please let us know.

Thanks for your help.


Re: Doctors/ldrivers licences

i never had that problems with my doctors, all i had to show that i was seizure free for a year.  some doctors are more worried about liability issues than others.  you could also contact the motor vehicle branch to get their rules on what you need to get you licence.  to me if you haven't had a seizure in 8 years you should have no pr

Re: Doctors/ldrivers licences

Hi Cutter,

Maybe it's the doctor's financial interests in the c.a.t. scans & other tests.

I could only get a CAT-Scan at an ER after an intense seizure, when someone else in the general public called 911. I wanted CAT-Scans, MRI's, etc. starting back in 1987, but I only received CAT-Scans during ER events.

The first non-ER CAT-Scan without an ER event, was in late 2006. My first MRI was even later.

The Secret? Limited facilities and Medicaid.

Once an ER knew I had Medicaid, CAT-Scans would often be immediately held to pose too great of a radiation exposure risk!!! This even happened at my last ER experience, when my neurosurgeon had recommended a CAT-Scan after every larger seizure due to the life threatening possibility of further brain bleeding.

About the only medical providers left seeking needless tests are Medicaid milkers/scalpers. Whenever they have an opening, they then want the most handy patient with any degree of plausible need.

Some of these scalphunting doctors can get up in the range of $4,000 per client fully exploited to the next step. A couple years later, this amount closely matches the per client fee for such as "A Place For Mom, Inc.": "The company advertises a free service but they charge the referred care place a fee in the amount of the first month, around $4,000 without disclosing this to the families.":

At least the critics seem to be correct: "a profits-over-people mentality"

I don't drive because of my epilepsy, and members of my family & I have received threats from medical providers because I can't drive in answer to the providers' demands. When the providers took action to their threats, I complained to the federal OCR and the federally mandated State's ombudsman program. This was weeks before the news story of the "911 no CPR tape", and I was told by the Ombudsmans' Crisis Hotline in California that such is just common threats by professionals that are never resulting in any damages (except maybe in deaths & what not).

If more money is in the whichever direction for the occasional money grubbing medical professional, then every test and service under the Sun will be mandatory, or threats of adverse actions from the professionals will be made to ensure the client's "willingly given" compliance.


Re: Doctors/ldrivers licences

Hey Cutter,

I definently think you need to be doing some research about the driving laws etc involving epilepsy.  I'm from Australia, and we've got a few different laws depending on the type of seizure and level of control you have.  But the longest period you have to be seizure free over here is 2 years, and you certainly don't need cat scans or anything!  I've only been epileptic for 9 years, and in that time i've only had about 3 scans and that had nothing to do with my licence.  All I have to do is fill out a yearly form to say i've been seizure free and get my GP to sign it, or in the event of a seizure, I just wait the required 3 months and then go and get the Doc to sign my form to say that i'm eligible to drive again.

I don't doubt that you guys have different laws (sorry i'm assuming that you are from the USA here), but it seems ridiculous to me that you would need scans and tests done every year in order to keep your licence!

Good luck with it all.