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New Member needs advice: Epileptic and unemployed.

Hello, I'm new to the forums, and mostly came here for help and advice, but first a little about my story.

I've suffered from what I now understand to be seizures since being a child, but due to religious issues I wont go into detail on, I never received help or medical attention. I have always struggled with crippling depression and lack of willpower, causing my schoolwork to suffer despite scoring well above average in college entrance exams and on most subject tests. I am now 24. Since turning 18 and going out on my own, my life has been a downward slope of failures to keep jobs and friendships, most of which end in me being a disastrous nervous wreck who cant communicate and is so stressed as to be physically ill.

Between being intermittently poor or unemployed, I still have yet to even be able to afford to receive a diagnosis. (I don't even know what I have, but epilepsy's symptoms are incredibly accurate to what I suffer.) If I fail to get indigence (I already disqualled for medicaid despite my issues. Thanks, California's budget.) I will be forced to check into a hospital ad-hoc at the cost bankruptcy and destroyed credit. My family either lives outside the country or is in no position to help support or house me.

Everything is so overwhelming that I am at wits end. My life is a painfully slow and depressing crawl from day to day, short on food and unable to help myself or even step outside.

If anyone has any information or advice (or help to offer) for me, I would greatly appreciate it. This situation has left my life fubar.


Craig knowles

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