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Why be Lonely Anymore?

Who feels like they are stuck in life? - But still wants to meet some new friends that can really relate?
Well of course here " yes we all do or have at one time" all been suffering from the same problem.
And even the people that give us care sometimes get down right?
Its just hard having the hold backs that epilepsy gives us and sometimes it is good to have someone around that can relate to you or your problems in life, but if you don't have that special person yet and just need a friend to say hey how are you going today? - been well?
Look its not much I know but to some it means the world to have another person that cares enough to ask and especially over Christmas and who really wants to be lonely at this time of year?
Well not me this year I hope so that's why I put this discussion up to make some new friends "who are just real people" and why not have some new friends that can relate more to where I am at this moment in life.
And just to have a laugh at the same time, we do all seem to have something in common as well. :)
Now have fun this year but just be safe too ok.

And remember to have a great Christmas all.
Stay well and stay safe!!!

Desert Savior.


I sure do feel "stuck" in life right now. I feel like I want to move forward and move on, but having epilepsy has slowed that down. I can't even bump into a wall without my wife and kids come running around the corner screaming and asking if I'm okay. It must be hard on them as well. I certainly don't have many friends, pretty much just the wife, kids, and myself.

Merry Christmas to you as well, and to anyone else who posts here!

Here's one thing that helped me. It's actually posted on my wall at home. "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

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