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Caregiver taped a seizure years ago, but just found out.

I have memory loss, and frequently fall and hit my head when I have seizures.  I just learned that my caregiver actually taped me having a seizure many years ago.  He claims he showed it to me months later, but I was disgusted by it and told him to never show it to me again.  He never showed it to me again.
He mentioned it a couple days ago at my support group meeting.  At first, I thought he was lying, but since  I have memory loss,  I didn't question him in front of anyone.  I asked him when he taped it; he told me it was "several years ago."  I don't remember anything about this event.  I just called and asked him how often he showed me this video.  He answered, "once."  I told him that "it was extremely cruel of him to not show me again."
He said, "You told me you didn't want to see it again." 
"Sometimes we need to see things, whether we want to or not.  This is information I need to show my epileptologist."
Can you believe anyone could be so cruel as to tape a seizure, then only show it once....when he knows I have memory loss?  Am I overreacting?


I'm really not sure why you're upset with the caregiver for not showing the tape of your seizure to you again when you explicitly requested that he not do so.  Chances are you would have considered it cruel if he had shown it to you again, so it doesn't sound like the caregiver could really "win" no matter what he did. 

You're probably right.  I'm not upset anymore. 

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