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I was 6 months seizure free and halfway to being able to apply for my G1.However I just had a simple partial in my sleep and was wondering if this will reset the amount of time I have to go seizure free back to 12 months or not since it was while I was sleeping.

Note: I'm from Ontario if this helps any?

All feedback much appreciated. 


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I was told by my neurologist at the Noran Clinic that you cannot drive until you have gone 3 months without a seizure. I know it used to be a year but he said that times have changed.

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I think it varies by state and jurisdiction. My state is 3 months and even partial seizure at any time resets the clock to getting my license back.

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First I am in the same boat as you. I am from Ontario as well and its actually only 6 months seizure free or that's what my Neurologist said. It used to be a year. So I think you are still on track but I would look up on the ministry of transportation. If you are still unsure.