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Hi ya guys,

Its been time, since being on here. Anyway I have had a seizure at work last week it was more like an aura.. I was secord as i am always secord. My boss didnt help beacuse he made me work through my shift. Today i had two aura.

Any advice?


me too today all day, i have had to sleep it off. its horrible, but i dint want to got thru surgery. I count on God. I would not make it if not. Jesus gets me up every day. Hang in there God Bless. I lost my career and am on disability. if u cant work look in too thiss. it will take time but worth.

Thanks but no, I am not going to let epilepsy interfeare with my career. So what if ive got it.

That's a great outlook to not let epilepsy interfer with your career. However, a backup plan can give you strength and take some of the stress off those close to you.

After being a teacher for more than 20 yr. Epilepsy began to interfer, was told seizures are to dangerous around children. I'm fighting this with my teacher's union but still have to keep my mind busy doing OTHER THINGS.  Businesses, companies, jobs are still very prejudice and don't want someone who can't work at 100%.

My family would say I've still not accepted I have a condition that can interfer w my life. Most days I believe it but there's still that scooch of independence i don't want to give up, being entirely dependent on others is...

Realistically for my life and others around me I must accept my limitations. Move on to other strenghts that I have. Yes, I believe my life is in God's Hands and continue to pray that I'm doing the right things not only for me but those around me.

Expectations are great. They just need to be reasonable so that if we fall we're not totally depressed and struggle profoundly.

Having seizures anytime is a problem, especially at work. Seizures can interfere with ability to do certain kinds of jobs safely, while others it doesn't. Also, some work, if involves lots of stress, changing work hours or other possible triggers can aggravate seizures in some people.

A couple things come to mind as I read these posts.

1- Track your seizures using the diary on here. Note when, where, and what occurs. Track if they occur at work, at any time of day, or associated with any triggers This can help you pick out patterns.

2- Talk to your epilepsy doctor. If a person continues to have seizures, despite having tried at least 2 medicines that are appropriate for your type of seizures, then it's time to seek help from a specialist to -
- make sure you have epilepsy and know the type of seizures
- find out if there are other options that may help, such as medicines specific to your type of seizures, surgical treatment, dietary treatments, devices for example.

Don't give up or just let seizures continue without checking things out!

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