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Omega 3 and epilepsy

I've seen alot of sites on line about the use of omega 3s with epilepsy. Can anyone tell me what experiences they have had with that therapy and what type of epilepsy they have (frontal lobe, partial, etc). Also, how long before you noticed a difference. Thanks all.


Here is the info I found for the causes of epilepsy. After knowing these you could make a judgement whether omega3 would help or not. "some unknown, usually attributed to some type of insult to the developing brain in childhood, like mom using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy, or a vascular insult during pregnancy , or trauma after birth through adulthood" I'm attaching the website here for your reference. Hope you could explore more on this wonderful website.

Omega 3s are good for everyone, even those without epilepsy, so I take a supplement every day with the thought that it can only do my body good in some way! I have partial frontal lobe epilepsy, and I've never noticed a difference in terms of my seizures. There are just so many intervening variables that come into play, it might be hard to prove the direct correlation between omega 3s and seizure alleviation.

What a coincidence; my mom has had me taking omega three fatty acids for a while now. I have temporal lobe epilepsy with a cyst assisting in causing my seizures.

I don't take the omega-3s for the epilepsy, but my mom has said that it is helpful to brain functioning. So even if it's not a cure all or anything, i would recommend trying taking them just for promotion of good mental health. Of course, talk to your doc first just in case.

All in all though, i haven't had a problem with taking it, and i think it helps me overall.

I too had read it was good for brain function and memory. As I'm having few memory probs I'd started to eat fish rich in omega 3 in my diet, perhaps I should try a supplement instead to make sure I am getting enough as I too suffer with TLE.

I am currently taking Omega 3, to see if it helps. I have also increased my fish intake three fold.

I have been taking this for approximately 2 months. I cannot see much of a change as yet, if anything. I will continue taking them just to see.


I have been taking omega three for years. I took it for memory. I ended up seeing some of my auras decreasing and I mean I had a 150 and more a month. I increased and noticed that my seizures began to decrease also. So I increased a bit more. I ended up with decreasing. about 150 auras, and nine cp seizures a month. I even tested it with flax oil. It did the same. I had the same decrease as the fish oil did. Both have omega three. I do take both but fish oil is the best to take.

take care

How much Omega 3 do you take a day? I just started about a month ago taking 1000mg twice a day. I was wondering if I am taking enough?

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