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bully's in Drivers ED

I'm new to the site and need someone who understands what it's like rather then telling me "you don't need to drive then". It all started yesterday in drivers ed. We were filling out the permit application when I told my teacher I had epilepsy but my docter had given me a note saying I was okay to drive and wether or not I needed to check a certain box for it. Now I'm a big girl and can take care of kids don't mess with me cause sence I twitch so bad they think I'm crazy, but this is somthing I couldn't seem to stop.Today my teacher had left the room for a moment and while he was gone one of the girls(knowing I'm epileptic) went and flickered the lights off and on. I siezed very bad for the type of epilepsy I have (complex partial) to make things worse the teacher came back as soon as my seizure started to get bad.After that everyone started freaking out and my teacher was giving me a conserned look I explained to him that it was only because Mona had flickered the lights like a strobe or somthing and that I was fine.I may not be allowed to get my permit now and it depresses me deeply not to mention how enraged I was. I mean how is that fair that I can't get my permit for six months all because some girl that doesn't like me caused me to have my first siezure in eight months? I'm just so upset. Is there any thing I can do to stop them from revoking my permit application? why did the girl get away with that? Please help!


That was cruel, juvenile, and completely uncalled-for behavior. She should be reprimanded and the entire class given a lesson on epilepsy, so they understand what it is like to have this condition. Unfortunately, since you did have a seizure during a relatively minor flickering of the lights, maybe your epilepsy isn't as well-controlled as you and your doctor think it is.

For instance, that flickering light could be made by the sunlight coming through tree branches as you drive under them. Some tunnels are lit by banks of fluorescent lights that seem to flicker as you move in a car. If all it takes is a flickering of light to cause a seizure, you really are not safe to drive. Imagine having that seizure at 65 miles an hour in a car!

I know when you are a teen, that license is just about all you live for. I know: my 18 year old son sees that license move 6 months further away each time he has a seizure. We have been trying to control his seizures for 18 months now, and none of his medications are working well enough to last at least 6 months. We can't even go 6 weeks without a grand-mal seizure. He is angry and depressed about it, too.

Blaming the licensing bureau for their safety rules is childish. That bully may have done you a favor, by showing you that your seizures are not controlled. You don't want to die, or kill someone else, when you start driving. I do wish you the best, and hope you can control your seizures soon.

Thank you so much! and I'm alot more level headed then I was at the time of posting I was just so frustrated earlier! I see what you mean I started to realize that myself once I calmed down its just hard cause like you said they don't understand I was just upset I guess cause I couldn't grasp that knowing we get our permits Friday that she still did what she did....but all in all you're right it was good it happened just disappointing on my part and I hope your son gets his siezures under control to get his licence that must be awful!

Hi, I don't think you realize how brave you are. I'm 19 and I'm still license free. I'm too scared to try to get one. My brother on the other hand who also has seizures has already tried to get his license and he's got his L. the girl is a demon from hell, that's all I can say. I feel your pain and I wish you the best of luck trying again.

sounds like the spawn of satan if you ask me. i'll be 24 in nov and i got my license a year and a half ago. it's a struggle, having epilepsy. the first time i drove i was 6.  the first time i drove a car i was 12 then 13 then came the diagnosis of epilepsy and that was it. i was no long allowed to drive. this girl clearly deserves to get popped in the mouth but what if you did get your license and that light wasnt a classroom light it was a police car? i'm not sure what test your doctor did on you to prove that you were able to drive but it wasn't right because normally they hold strobe tests before to make sure you can handle them. i've hit rock bottom before so it's not like i don't understand. i was suicidal at one point in my life so i've been there. it sucks being 21 years old having your mom drop you off at college or having your younger brother take you someplace i've been there but what if a cop was pulling you over and his lights were what set you off and you went into a pole and killed yourself? you have the opportunity to fix this. i know it sucks because truly i've been there but you're lucky it was in the classroom and not behind the wheel with your mom or best friend in the passenger seat headed straight for oncoming traffic at 60pmh. i've seen stories on here where seizing and going straight into a telephone pole has happened. i was seizure free for 5yrs (not months YEARS) and my doctor said, "yea you're still not ready for your license" i was livid. it got to a point where i hated going to the doctor because he always said, "everything looks good" but it was always followed with, "you can't drive yet" i always wanted to know when i was going to drive and it was never good news so i would come home crying everytime. if you were seizure free long enough to get your permit once, it can happen again. karma sucks, she'll get hers. i know the waiting sucks trust me i've been to hell and back with mine but don't give up. she does deserve to get in trouble though. she triggered a seizure. she knew you had epilepsy, so she flickered the lights on purpose, for her NOT to get in trouble is unfair. if seizures are strong enough, they can do some SERIOUS damage. i have a friend who's cousin is in a coma because he had a seizure so bad. i didn't even know that was possible! what if you fell, hit your head on a desk, and died? playing operation with your epilepsy at her mere entertainment is morally and socially unacceptable. your guardian should go down there. what she did has affected your life in ways she can't even imagine and will never understand. she deserves to punished. to be perfectly honest, there isn't a punishment in the world that will make up for what has happened it's pretty much just left up to God on what happens as her karma but i'd still talk to someone because that's absolutely ridiculous. I'd go old school and call up her mother. inform her of the kind of person her daughter turned out to be.


Hello, I'm a mom of a 5 year old with absence seizures. My husband is worried about her not getting a D.L., but really the thought of a seizure happening while driving is really serious stuff. As much as not having a D.L. is upsetting, focus on all the things that you can do. I work with children, and I see some really bad cases of different disablities, and I remind myself, daily, that epilepsy is not the worst thing that could have happened to my child. I know blah, blah, but really it is true.

 As for the nasty little girl, Karma will strike her. Until then, I would report her to the school. If she did this to you, what other nasty things will she do to others? This child should not get away with this type of behavior.

 Stay strong, and be thankful that public transportation is geting better all the time. Peace!

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