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Help! Need best Las Vegas pediatric neurologist and best hospitals for pediatric epilepsy, ASAP!

I am new to this forum, I have a 15 month old daughter, diagnosed one year ago wtih Tuberous Sclerosis and infantile spasms. She has done fairly well this year but in the last few months her seizures have returned (she is currently on Topamax, Keppra, and Banzel)...and she is beginning to show symptoms of Lennox Gastaut, and maybe IS coming back. She is having head drop seizures for sure, and some sort of myoclonic seizure tonight, and vomitting. She has not had an EEG since first diagnosed a year ago. We just moved to the valley, and while i've lived here before, i didn't have sick kids so I don't know much about the best place to take her....

 Advice for best pediatric neurologist, and also best hospital to take her to (going to the ER in the morning to try to get some answers; make sure her infantile spasms have not returned, etc). I have had good experiences with the St Rose hospitals and was considering going to St Rose Siena campus. But i've also read that Sunrise has a children's hospital and that the children's hospital is good, but i've read online from nurses who live here that Sunrise is NOT a good hospital; rather, they just have really snazzy marketing.

I wanted to take my daughter to the ER tonight when she woke up screaming incessantly, vomiting and having myoclonic jerks but then she went back to sleep (post ictal), and i agreed with my husband to wait to take her in til morning....

PLEASE any advice....Her pediatrician we are going with is Dr Marlon Mendoza; i've heard many rave reviews of him from close friends; he has privileges at most of the hospitals in town, but i've yet to find a neuro. I've only been back here one week.


Hi I work with the Child Neurology Foundation. We have a website on it you can find hospitals with pediatric neurologists I didn't see any in Nevada, but there are some in Phoenix, Salt Lake City and in California.

I hope that helps and good luck.


Bill Klaproth

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Sorry to hear about your child.


Please check out the following practice in Las Vegas:

or call Child Neurology Specialists in Henderson NV at (702) 920-0290.

They work out of both St Rose and Sunrise Hospitals.

Best wishes.



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