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 Hi I was talking to my friend, last night and she told me that her daughter of 3 years old has epilpesy but only just been diignosted. Any avdice? She is secord and doesn't know how to support her in the best way.



Butterfly17, I would like to ask you some questions, in a absolutely respectful form. It appears that you have not added anything to your profile on this website, so I have no idea where you are located in the world. However, I do not remember exactly where or which topic thread it might be in, but did you ever mention that you are located in Canada, or some other country other than the United States of America? And, are you, and now your friend, able to read and speak fluent English? Or preferably some other language, such as French?

I do not know what happened to the 'Site Map' on this website, and am not having any luck trying to located, but a 'Site Map' can be somewhat like a 'Table of Contents' in a book. So with the 'Site Map' apparently no longer available on this website, and if you have not really done so yet, you really need to do your homework by reading over the information that is located throughout this website.

And I'm going to say that there are hundreds of books available containing information concerning seizures and epilepsy, and there are various resources online were a lot of those books can be purchased, such as

As for whether or not you are able to read and speak fluent English, or some other language, such as French, there is a website located on the Internet called the 'Bing Translator', with the website being

To give you an example, what I have done, was copied what you posted on this one topic thread, then went to the 'Bing Translator' website, and pasted what I copied in the box located on the left-hand side of the 'Bing Translator' website. Then, located directly above that box on the left-hand side, are the options labeled 'Translate from:' followed by 'Translate to:' the option labeled 'Translate to:' has a drop-down menu containing a variety of different languages. I chose the one labeled 'French', then click on the word 'Translate', and here is what showed up in the box located directly on the right-hand side of the screen, in French.

  • Bonjour je parlais à mon ami, hier soir et elle m'a dit que sa fille de 3 ans a epilpesy mais seulement vient d'être diignosted. Toute avdice ? Elle est secord et ne sait pas comment elle appuyer la meilleure façon.

Again, I do not know if you are able to read and speak more fluently in some other language, other than English. So if you would prefer to have something that is written in English, translated into a different language, then maybe you can use the 'Bing Translator'.

I did not know if you read one of my previous replies, in one of the other topic threads that you created in the past, but one of the things that I mentioned in my reply has to do with your individual topic threads being posted multiple times. When you have finished creating a new topic thread, or have finished creating a reply for yours or someone else's topic thread, and are ready to post it, you'll need to wait for roughly 15 minutes until what you have created has been posted. It just takes a while for the computer system to process and post what it has received. It just takes time.

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)

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