Losing Coverage Soon

Hi everyone.

My name is Kat, I'm 25 & I am currently enrolled in a 1 year insurance plan with Golden Rule. I have been in school and therefore have been lucky enough to remain being carried by my father's insurance but with my next birthday, I will be unable to continue that. I also, as of November 11, will lose my current insurance due to the contract running out. It was only a year contract because we anticipated it would match up well with me graduating. My father & I had been anticipating that I would be able to get some kind of job during this last semester to therefore secure something for post-graduation, that would MAYBE involve some kind of health benefits. Even if that job doesn't have benefits, at least it will give me income in order to pay for a plan on my own. I know NOTHING about this, and I'm going to be calling my current insurance company now to see if I can just get some guidance on it all, but I was wondering what kind of plans everyone out there has since everyone here has epilepsy like me. Are any of you around my age, in a similar situation? It would be great to here any experiences or ideas from people who have been through it or are currently going through it. I know I basically need coverage for my preventative care doctor as well as my neurologist, as well as some kind of Rx coverage since I take daily medications.

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Re: Losing Coverage Soon

Go to It might give you some ideas.

Good luck..

Phylis Feiner