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Right Temporal Surgery Best Surgery team in California

My son has complex partial seizures (sometimes secondarily generalized) 2 to 4 times a month and myoclonic seizures about 2 times a week.  He is on lamotrigine 200mg x2/day, trileptal 900mg x2/day and Vimpat 50mg x 3/day.  He will have the WADA test in 2 days.  He has brain lesions in his right temporal lobe where seizures come from.  He is diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder 2 and substance abuse disorder.  He had genralized seizure as a little boy from age 2 to 8 (6 month after a hard fall on head, first seizure was febrile), was treated on phenobarbital then tegretol.  He was seizure free and medication free at age 10 until he was 18, age at which he almost died of a drug overdose, suffered brain damage in his right temporal lobe and started to have seizures again.  Sadly he continued to use hallucinogenics after his drug overdose and made his epilepsy worse.  At that point he was diagnosed with bipolar 2 as he was manic and on a destructive bent with a smile on his face.  Today he is 21 and 10 month sober (at last) with a bad memory...etc... attention deficit, mood lability but with high intelligence. He is hopeful that surgery will stop the seizures.  The lesions are on his right amygdala and right mesio hypocampus as far as I know.  He did his preop evaluation at UCLA.  His surgeon if he can be operated on safely (right temporal lobectomy) will be Dr. Iztak Fried.  Did anyone have surgery at UCLA?  Lots of people are talking about the Mayo clinic which uses a pre-op test called STATISCOM.  Is UCLA top notch for epilepsy surgery?  I am a worried mother..........  Please, comment, answer.

Thank you.



How are you and your son?

According to the U.S. World & News Report's annual unbiased survey here are the rankings for neurology and neurosurgery:

#1 Johns Hopkins Hospital
#2 Mayo Clinic
#3 Mass General
#4 New York Presbyterian
#5 UCSF Medical Center
#6 Cleveland Clinic
#7 UCLA Medical Center

You can full information at

Phylis Feiner Johnson

Your thought process on exploring the best resource for your sons right temporal surgery sounds exactly like mine. I am torn between proceeding under Dr Izatk Fried at UCLA or making the hike from California to Mayo in hopes of including the STATISCOM test in pre-op preparation. Has any one had experience with either facility/surgeon? Please all and any comments would be much appreciated. Would love to hear outcome from original poster "rofler".

Check the web page of the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.  Depending on where you live in California, there should be one.

UCLA is a good choice.  I had mine at Huntington Hospital, Pasadena.  Led by Dr. Sutherling, the entire team is internationally renound.    

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