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Help during a seizure

I have had seizures since I was 14. I am 42 now. Just recently my seizures have started to occur about once a month or more often. I live alone and I have had my seizures while alone at home. What is scary is I leave - I walk, I guess looking for help. Does anyone have any ideas for preventing me from leaving the house? An alarm on the door? I don't know?


Hi Kellie,

   It must be apprehensive dealing with seizures when alone.  I had them starting in teen years too and over the years I have used many different types of drug.   I recall that dilantin was the first one I used and I can picture this.  Epilepsy awareness on necklace is usable and easy to have on at all times.   You might make door opening bit harder so you would have to be super organized rather than being able to just walk out.  If you have any doubts about doctor understanding or treatments, give thought to getting another medical opinion.  I lived in New York area and there are numerous good doctor locations there.  One of the biggest I used was NYU.  I had brain surgery almost 14 years ago.  All day seizures completely stopped however I get nocturnal seizures two or three times a month.  I am still on drugs, presently Lamictal.   Good luck with keeping all organized and in good control.



That must be scary especially afterwards when you come around. Have you tried putting the chain on the door or bolting it so it's harder to get out. I remember when my seizures were at their height my parents told me if I felt like I was gonna have a fit and nobody was home to lie down until it went.


I too have had seizures since about the same age and lived alone for many yrs. I have tonic-clonic and would have been completely out of it should I have had mine with no one around. (Luckily, to my knowledge, they always seemed to occur around others.) I had to have a security alarm for different reasons, but it is a suggestion. Not too expensive, and you'd have to have enough to punch in your code. It sounds like you may be cloudy. If you don't want to go to the expense, maybe yeah, rig up your own but with some way that you would have to have a clear mind set to undo it without it making noise. If you have any trustworthy neighbors, give one of them a heads up as to what happens, in case they see you wondering around.

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