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My daughter's Constant headaches and nausea

Our 11 daughter was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy 2 years ago. As well as the episodes she gets long bouts of nausea and headaches that can last months. These are completely dibilitating and she has not been in school for 6 weeks now. Our neurologist has said he has not seen this before and has suggested it is stress related but we have found evidence that there is a connection. Can anyone give me feed back on this ? Can one trigger the other and any suggestions that might bring relief ?


I had this problem for about a year and was told it was stress, tension all in my mind then finally I went to a new neurologist and she said I don't want it to be this but I am going to test for it and found out I had something called Arnold Chiari Malformation. It is mostly in infants and kind of a rare disorder but it was found in me when I was 37 or 36 which made it even more strange. if the Doc hasn't checked perhaps you could ask about it. just a suggestion.

Be Blessed and Good Luck in finding out what to do

Can you please give a little more detail of this Arnold Chiari Malformation? I've had Epilpesy since I was in high school, but it has progressed over the years and recently horrible. In the last 30 days I've probably only had 10 that I'm aware of, but better than where I was, 35 to 40 a month. Absolutely insane. Anyway, I too suffer from migraines, extreme nausea and flu like sypmptoms when I begin a series of seizures, which usually will last over a two to five day period. Dr.'s told me they were warning signs; prodromal symptoms. My body was actually telling me what was about to happen. (Both my Neuro. and my Internal Med. Dr. have told me this.) Now getting better, but completely had me incapable of doing anything for almost a year.

There are some homeopathic treatments I use that helps. I would be happy to chat with you if you like. My email is  I will also say that I too have found a link with hormones and siezure activity. I kept a journal for over a year that really helped me begin to put some of these pieces together. 

I hope your able to find something that helps her. 


It would be far better for you to check out Chiari on the net or to talk to your neurologist about it mine was level III with hydrosyphylous (SP) and that is the worst so I don't want to give you what I went through and have you worried to pieces. So read up on the net and talk to your Doc's let them do some testing and diagnosising I just thru it out there because it is rare and not alot people know to even ask, ya know what I mean, when it is the headaches like that and I know how it can be. Some do some of your own checking and I don't mind answering a question here and there about my experience but I am not a doc and you need to talk with them.

Gods Grace

I'm lots older (36), but for me stress and seizures are connected. A gym membership helps me, even just going for a walk with my iPod. Also, depending on the meds, eliminating caffeine.
Also, just curious, is your daughter's neuro male or female? I've had lots of neurologists in my life (am in the middle of neurosurgery tests - my choice - seizures average 2-4 a month, but I'm on 3 meds - topomax, keppra & clobazam). Anyways, reason I ask the question. In life, female neurologists will ask about hormonal triggers, for the most part male doctors I'm the one that has to mention that.
Your daughter at age 11 is borderline to that "girly-girl" stage in life where she's onset puberty. For me, seizures are mostly under control & there are all different definitions of "stress" when you see a stress counselor - environmental, household, personal, physical and hormonal. At times male doctors overlook hormonal & if your daughter is really shy, it's something she may not be telling you yet either. Try going down that avenue with doctors. Keep some sort of journal. What is different on each day when headaches, etc. happen. That's kinda how I put it all together.
I'm still going through with surgery because it is necessary, but I do also know I have to be careful during certain times of that "monthly cycle" as I'm more prone to hormonal seizures right now. It took me putting it together & eventually asking male doctors the right questions when I was about 23 to get the right medications and solutions for that. Just a suggestion you may want to explore.
Hope this helps.

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