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I take Keppra and for a while have been having insomnia. I have not slept in three days. My husband has some Melatonin from GNC that he takes sometimes when he can't sleep and I was wondering if this was safe for me to take. Anyone ever tried it?


I've been having the exact same problem. I take Keppre XR. I tried Melatonin and it put me in a horrible mood after taking it for 3 nights.It might not do that to you! I also tried Magnesium 250 mgs which isnt a lot but its a starting point and I was still up in 2- 3 hours. Last night I took a valium and thats the only thing thats worked so far for me. I slept 6 hours.. for me thats major. Not sure what I'll do tonight.. I know its not a good thing to take valium all the time. My Dr will tell me to get my level taken so maybe thats next in line.. Let me know if you find anything magical.. This is a tough drug to be on lately.

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Some people do feel more awake and have trouble sleeping while taking keppra. Not taking the medicine right before bed helps many - take at dinner instead. however, people should talk to their doctor first about times to take their seizure med as there may be other reasons affecting the best times to take the keppra.

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