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my friend treat epilepsy as a joke :( i need confidence ! ahh

my friends treat epilepsy as a joke :(  As i would have occasionally, i need friends to stay beside me and look after me. im still studying and im 18 there r lots of stuff i cant do too . my self confidence is also not very high and i would get hurt n depresssed sometimes.

any other way or method tt use guys to cheer yourself up or to boost your confidence ??


I'm in that same situation right now, it's tough because people don't realize what we go through, my friends also mess around as if their jokingly "pretending to have a seizure". While they should be sticking there with you through it all, because what if one day you have one right infront of them, they won't be laughing anymore they will be scarred to have seen one of their good friends have a seizure and not know what to do. Why don't you sit them down and try having a serious talk with them? And they need to realize it's messing up your emotions mentally :/

lI agree completely with Lucky B.  Teenagers don't like to appear frightened, so they put on all this bravado.  If they're REAL friends, they'll stick by you and learn how to help you if you're in need.

People instictively want to help. Even goofy teenagers.  But you have to reach out and show them how to...

In my infinite wisdom, when I was 14, I used to make fun of myself and give everyone a good laugh.  Untill I started having seizures very regularly and then it wasn't so funny any more.  They were frightened.  They wanted to know what to do and how to do it.

So, I taught them first aid.  (Which isn't really brain surgery, if you'll pardon the pun.)

As I began to accept myself and my epilepsy better, it wasn't such a big deal.  (And keep in mind, I've had epilepy for 40+ years.)  Epilepsy is a condition, period.  It's not who I am and it does not define my life.

I'm a a prospering writer with a wonderful husband and the house of my dreams.  Sure I have epilepsy, but how I chose to deal with it was MY decision. 

You are the master of your own fate, even though the road may get bumpy at times.

Don't despair.  And let others help you and care.     Phylis Feiner Johnson




A great man once said- "No one can hurt your emotions without your consent." May be your friends don't take take Epilepsy seriously, but you should not take that on your heart. With confidence and determination, you can even control the seizures upto an extent. I suggest that you be strong while dealing with the world. It's your life, after all :)

And don't let the disease or fear control your life. There have been great prople who had epilepsy. Read motivational books and online articles. You'll overcome your doubts with time. Best of luck!

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