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I was wondering what people feel after a seizure, and how long that feeling lasts...I have been diagnosed with TLE, I get simple partial seizures....When I get seizures it usally lasts for a week on and off, then I will be fine for maybe 1 month...Can anyone please explain to me when you get a seizure how long does the faze last and the after effects....


I am experiencing different things at different times. At church, I was singing and I felt like ? short circuiting in my brain? Weird to explain. Did not pass out though. at the same time my heart beat was palpitating or beating odd? A couple mins later when I got up to leave my left leg kept trying to give way and I thought what's up with this? It did it a few times and quit. Whe I got to the next building my left side of my face was spazzing sporatically. Then my hand, then my shoulder on the left. Did this a while, intermittently. In class, my other side began to act a little bit and the shaking was worse. I got up to leave and clumsily made it to the door. I felt a dull kind of headache. Went to the car and this did this off and on faor a while. Got a little worse, Never passed out but starting being emoptional and crying at one point. I was very tired and went home and slept the rest of the day. This is one example.

My epilepsy happens about once a month with several "aura" episodes in a day.  After that, I feel spacy, on edge and (kind of) jumpy for about ten days after that.  I then feel fine for about a month and the cycle starts over again.

That's an interesting question. Another would be "What do you feel during simple partial seizures?". I've had a couple different kinds, I'm not even sure that I could come close to describing them, but if there were common sensations then maybe they could be categorized, researched and treated in different ways.

Anyway, in answer to your question, I feel spacey for a day or two (or think that I do, it's really hard to tell). What's worse is the psychological effect - a feeling of frustration and helplessness, especially if things had been going well for a good period before the simple partial.


I wake up feeling ok, but exhausted like i cant get enough sleep or something, i dont knpw if its the side effect of the meds or WHAT!!!! one hour im fine, the next im just feeling completely out of it....i start by getting nervous, my tongue starts getting numb n other parts of my body like my fingers, i start to shiver(hands mostly) get really anxious, sweat, i cant concentrate, cranky, short tempered, cant talk to people, spaced out n those feelings last for hours then i feel just fine(well i think), because after an hour or so (well depends when it decides to hit me) i start to panic all over again.

I get those feelings on/off through out the day/night! been feeling this way for weeks now! im not even sure if its just psychological (i know i can control it but i cant!) it is just frustrating that u have no control over it, this "aura" whatever u wanna call it. sometimes by just keeping busy i get the feeling that im doing better, but then again, it comes out of nowhere- its just so tiring n soooo frustrating that when u think ur doing well but then all of a sudden, ur just back to square one.

It hasnt been this bad for a long time 3yrs to be exact, for the past month or 2 its been hell for me n it just keeps getting worst @#$%##$%^*&^% MEDSSS!!!! been feeling like crap n noone around me seem to understand what im going through expect that im moody n being rude, like u said just jumpy. The worst part of it is taking the meds when uve done every test possible over n over and still they have found nothing. WHAT IF I DONT HAVE EPILEPSY?! - oh n whats even worst my doctor increased the dosage of my meds, so imagine that!!!! C.R.A.Z.Y

Solace I feel like I typed that message I feel exactly the same way its crazy....can i ask what medication you on, and how much a day...They just increased my meds too I am on keppra....I am gonna do a 24 hour eeg on the 18th of may....and here is a new mri machine only about 5 worldwide its supposed to be really good, its called Mri magnetron trio.....Tesla you should check it out

I am also on Keppra 1000mg twice a day...BUT I really dont know if what im experiencing is just the side effect of the meds or simply the way im handling my situation! Its just all so overwhelming. i have been on other medications n to tell u the truth i dont think it has anything to do with the meds!!! (maybe im over exaggerating)...
I do feel great when i start off, but then i wonder what the hell happened. And i knoooow that i have control over it, because only then, when i get home, that i start feeling awful! easier said than done but we just HAVE to think positive! Thank you i will ask my dr about the mri. Good luck with everything.

My seizures last about 30 seconds. It takes me a couple minutes to come too and realize whats going on. I am extremely exhausted and can barely move, because my muscles are sooo worn out from seizing. I lose memory of about 10 minutes before the seizure, and am also groggy on how the day went, I remember things on and off. I am too tired to do anything but sleep after an episode. And usually am still off for the rest of the night, as well as some of the next day.

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