Insensitive ad


 I'm so disgusted with a new members responce to another members blog. This new member "johnq" started out with a good wish to one of our members going through surgery but ended it with ...

"I hope the surgery doesn’t cost too much that you can handle. You don’t need payday loan if that is so"

 It is so disrespectful! What an @#$

  I have flagged as inapropriate and I hope that everyone flags or reports such ads that you may come across.



Re: Insensitive ad

Hi Colina

I have not seen the specifc post your talking about, but knowing you, I have no reason to doubt what your saying.  It is totally out of line to do that on this site. should not only remove the comment, but ban the account owner who posted the response and assoicated link, and contact that company as well.  This is a blatant violation of use of site rules, and its just plain sick! Perhaps we should try to bring attention to this type of insesitive advertising to the new media as well?  just a thought... 

Wookie a/k/a Chris W.