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is there really such a thing as keppra blood level test?

Is there such a blood test to monitor keppra? the neuroligist office called back and told me my keppra level was in range at 8.4 (3.1 to 10), i have not heard of a blood test level for keppra, i would appreciate anyones knowledge on this...



When I went to my neurologist in September, he had me get a blood test for my Keppra level, which he said was fine.  I don't know the numbers, but if it had been off, he would have adjusted my prescription.  I think this is pretty new.


Thanks very much..


We asked my son's Dr about having his blood tested to check the levels and he said not needed when using keppra???

I was 20 points above normal. I am an adult   The blood level indicated 53. I was have flurry seizures.  I had trouble w/ my gait. I was sleepy too.  My muscles were to sore and I had a lot of diarhea.  When my doctor noted that he is in the process of lowering my medication now. He wanted me in the hospital but there was no room and I have family that can keep an eye on me if things go bad.

I dont know about this just yet, I have only been on keppra for five days now, after taking tegretol for 25 years, I was always given a blood tegretol level test once a year.  So when I go back for my check up I'll ask my doc.  I can't imagine them not doing it. Its so important.

Hi there,

There isn't really a blood test as such for Keppra because although it is long acting, it has a short half-life, so to get accurate readings is not possible.  Also, because it has only a few metabolites (ie tracers) and is not metabolised by the liver, it is unlikely that any serum levels would convey an accurate level of keppra.


hope this helps

They checked my grand-daughter's Keppra levels and the doctor said normal for her age (14) is between 16-26 hers was at 70 so yes they can check levels now their trying to figure out why her body isn't absorbing the Keppra...

I  take other sz medications too.  I used to take 3750 mg. of Keppra.  I also took Zonegran 400 mg. a day..  I also take Vimpat a total 600 mg. a day. 

 I was taking Tegretol when it was a test drug.  I was part of the a study group. I  found it the best drug for me.  I unfortunately had a reaction to it, in the 90's.  It got me thru school w./ it,  work w/ it , married and had children!  It was the best med. for me.  Each medication is different for everyone!

I wish you the best!


I am taking Tegretol and my neurologist also checks my meds levels from time to time. I guess they can check any med level in your blood- they just have to know what to look for. The test, from what I know, might be very useful because it can help to determinate the correct dosis for you- so you don't take either too muc, which is unnecessary and bad, neither too little, because the risk of seizing would be higher.

So it's a good test :)



I get a blood levels for Keppra and Lamictal about evey six months.  For me, it checks the level of the medication in blood stream to see if the level is normal.  If it is too high, they ask me how I'm feeling and check what side effects it can cause to my body and whether or not to get other blood work.  Too low then they see if I need to increase so I won't have any of my petit mals.  Hope this helped.


My daughter takes Keppra-500 mg x3 twice daily and Lamictal-100 mg. x 2 1/2 a.m. & x3 p.m.  Everytime she goes back to her neurologist for her checkup...she has bloodwork done.  They have never told her that the level is too high/low.

I had started to only have 4 petit mals a month and that was great for me.  So she wanted to check my levels on my meds.  When she got the results, she was surprised that they were not higher than they were because my petit mals had decresed.  I don't know what the range of the levels are.  I take 2 200mg tabs Lamictal twice/day and the Keppra is 300mg 3 am and 4 pm.  The dr that does all the meds is a phamecologist/neurologist.  I also see a nuerologist that she works with.

I also take Topamax.  The insurance co. made me start generic.  Before I started it she had me to get levels on it.  They were 7 on the brand name.  After I was on the generic for a month, the level dropped to 5.  That shows what generics do.


I had a blood test done and I just got the letter in mail stating that my keppra legal is 27 which is therapeutic. It says continue at current dosage. Not real sure what it means  but apparently it is good since it is "therapeutic."

I had a blood test done and I just got the letter in mail stating that my keppra legal is 27 which is therapeutic. It says continue at current dosage. Not real sure what it means  but apparently it is good since it is "therapeutic."

There is a blood test for Keppra where they measure Serum levetiracetam (XaJeB) however my consultant advised that he would not take too much notice of the result as the therepeutic level (which I believe means the level at which it has a successful effect) is different for each patient.

However I still pushed to have one carried out and it showed my level to be at just over 11 mg/L against a range of (10 - 37 UK) so on this basis I now know that I am only just in the therepeutic range (or just outside if you look at this website: ) and have therefore decided (jpointly with the consultant's blessing) to up my dose from 1,500mg p/day (750mg morning + evening) to 2,000mg.

If you have a blood test for Keppra it is apparently important to have it as close as possible to the time just before your second dose ie. late as possible in the afternoon (trough point). NB. This is not a standard blood test and the hospital taking the blood will normally have to send it off. (possibly means that there is a cost and that could be another why it's not offered freely)

Good Luck fellow members.


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