Ketogenic foods
Mon, 03/09/2015
In this month's issue of Keto News, I'm profiling an article written by our group that was published late last year in Journal of Child Neurology. Although entitled, "Dietary and medication adjustments to improve seizure control in patients treated...
Bereavement Suppport
Mon, 03/09/2015
Someone you love and care about deeply has died. Initially most people, particularly if it is an unexpected, sudden death, are in shock, immobilized, unable to perform their normal daily activities.  Individuals depend on the help of others to...
Wed, 03/04/2015
In the January 20, 2015 issue of the journal JAMA, Doctors Jobst and Cascino from Dartmouth and Mayo Clinic present a review of epilepsy surgery used for focal epilepsy. With a MEDLINE and Cochrane database search, 55 articles were included in...
Teens Speak Up 2014
Wed, 03/04/2015
Living with seizures poses challenges for all of us. For teenagers, it can be especially hard. It’s the time of your life when you may be trying new things, trying to fit in at school and make new friends, dating, driving, and getting very little...
Sleeping person
Wed, 03/04/2015
Factors Contributing to SUDEP The underlying mechanisms of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) are not yet well understood but a conceptual model has emerged over the past decade influenced by research on another poorly understood cause...