Cherry blossom
Wed, 04/15/2015
According to the farmer’s almanac, spring has sprung. This is welcome news as North America is still reeling from a difficult winter with record breaking snowfall. April promises showers throughout many parts of the country, encouraging new growth...
National Walk for Epilepsy
Wed, 04/08/2015
The Epilepsy Walk will be here in a few days.  I am calling on’s users, supporters, casual visitors, regular visitors, and everyone else to join the Community for All Walk team!  Show your support to everyone...
Epilepsy Foundation Arizona's Camp
Wed, 04/01/2015
Summer camps offer unique experiences to all children, such as the opportunity to learn about life, discover something about themselves, develop confidence, create friendships, and have fun through a variety of activities. For youth and teens with...
Pharmacist helping a man
Wed, 03/25/2015
Clearly, the mainstay of modern treatment of epilepsy is antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). Many, if not all, of these medications have unique properties. While all of the medicines currently marketed in the U.S. have been evaluated and approved by the U.S...
Wed, 03/25/2015
What is the problem? Epilepsy is characterized by recurring and unprovoked abnormal synchronous brain activity leading to the disruption of normal brain function. While the majority of these seizures stop on their own, a fraction may persist....