Heart EKG
Oct 15, 2014
In the September 5, 2014, articles published ahead of print in the journal Neurology, Doctors Kato and colleagues from the Department of Epileptology, Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Sendai, Japan,...
Tony Coelho
Oct 9, 2014
When patient-centered outcomes research “is used well, it can be a powerful tool in making medical care better informed, without limiting patients’ and providers’ choices.”  That was the promise that I, and many others, held out with creation...
Buddy Bell
Oct 8, 2014
As Major League Baseball begins 2014 post season play, Dr. Nathan Fountain, chair of the Epilepsy Foundation’s Professional Advisory Board and professor of neurology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, shares some thoughts about...
Oct 8, 2014
Last week, safety factors in an epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) were discussed. EEG testing can help diagnose if a person has epilepsy, the kind of seizures, if a new seizure medicine may help, or if other options such as surgery may be possible....
Care Coordination
Oct 1, 2014
An epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) is a hospital unit run by a health care team who specializes in caring for people with seizures and epilepsy. People may be seen in outpatient settings and on an inpatient unit for specialized testing, medication...