Pharmacist helping a man
Wed, 03/25/2015
Clearly, the mainstay of modern treatment of epilepsy is antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). Many, if not all, of these medications have unique properties. While all of the medicines currently marketed in the U.S. have been evaluated and approved by the U.S...
Wed, 03/25/2015
What is the problem? Epilepsy is characterized by recurring and unprovoked abnormal synchronous brain activity leading to the disruption of normal brain function. While the majority of these seizures stop on their own, a fraction may persist....
Wed, 03/25/2015
I frequently get questions from people with difficult to diagnose seizures or seizures that are not controlled. Commonly, people ask what kind of doctor should they see, why should they see a specialist or how come their doctor hasn’t referred them... anniversary
Tue, 03/24/2015
This week the Epilepsy Foundation proudly celebrates the one-year anniversary of its launch of the new The website has reintroduced the organization as the most comprehensive national resource for people living with epilepsy and...
Wed, 03/18/2015
The Relevance of the DEA for Epilepsy Epilepsy physicians, people with epilepsy and families had little reason to think about the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) until recently. Our only DEA concern was with phenobarbital because it is a controlled...