• Rick Harrison: #DareTo Defy the Odds

    Harrison's TV PSA Airing on the A&E Networks

    PSA Premieres for National Epilepsy Awareness Month

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  • One Last Push For The Embrace Watch

    Embrace Watch Indiegogo Campaign Helps People with Epilepsy; Benefits Epilepsy Foundation

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  • Find Your Local Epilepsy Foundation

    Community Services and Support

    48 Local Affiliates to Serve You

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  • 2015 Shark Tank Competition

    2015 Shark Tank

    Benefiting People Living with Seizures 

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  • What is your #DareTo?

    We will help you Dare!

    The Epilepsy Foundation is your unwavering ally.

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  • Ryan Brown

    Enroll Now in the REN Registry

    Registry collects information about people with rare epilepsy to help research

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Epilepsy Spotlight

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